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How to Wash a Turkey

Washing a turkey in preparation for roasting or frying is a simple and easy task. Both fresh and frozen turkeys should be washed prior to stuffing and cooking.

Here are the steps to wash a turkey after it is thawed out:

  • Remove the turkey from the plastic wrapping.
  • Remove the neck and giblets from the cavity.
  • Wash both the inside and outside of the turkey in cold water.
  • Drain any excess water.
  • Check the outside skin. Remove any feathers, or parts of them, that are still attached to the skin.
  • Reach into the cavity and feel around for any veins that may have been missed prior to packaging. Remove them from the cavity.
  • If you are using the neck and giblets, wash and drain them, too.

Your bird is now ready to stuff and roast, or fry.

Important: To eliminate the risk of harmful bacteria, use soap and water to wash hands, utensils, sink and all work surfaces.

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Cooking Turkeys:

How to Thaw
Thawing Times

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