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Chia Pet Day

Chia Pet

Date When Chia Pet Day is Celebrated :

This holiday is always held on November 29

In 1977, a cute new pet arrived on the scene. This attractive, lovable, low cost and low maintenance pet immediately became the rage. They are eco-friendly. People began buying them by the millions for themselves and as gifts, especially for the holidays. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving.... and growing. What is it? It's the Chia Pet. Today is Chia Pet Day, a perfect day to celebrate your pet and spend some quality time with it!


As you probably already know, a chia pet is a terracotta figurine (it's really a form of a planter) that grows chia plants in the grooves of it's outer surface. You don't need a green thumb to grow your chia pet. It's quick and easy to grow. All you have to do is pre-soak the terracotta figurine and the seeds. Apply the moistened seeds to the grooves on the surface of the figurine. Keep the seeds moist, and in one to two weeks the chia plants will germinate and begin to grow. Over time the plants can be trimmed, to keep the figurine in a shapely form.


Chia pets originated in Mexico. Joe Pedott of San Francisco, CA negotiated the rights to the chia pet and marketed them in the United States to great success. The first chia pet was a Ram, and it was manufactured on September 8, 1977. Pedott filed for trademark registration on October 17, 1977. Sales growth of the of the Ch-ch-ch-chia reached over 15 million in 2019 alone. Most chia pets are sold as holiday gifts. It makes a great gift for gardeners and for people who are home bound. 


Chia pets were originally manufactured by Joseph Manufacturing Company in San Francisco, CA. They are now made in China. Over the years, chia pets have come in dozens and dozens of designs. The designs include many forms of tame and wild animals, from the original Ram, to puppies, kittens, and even unicorns. Presidents and historical figures are very popular. Cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Shrek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob and Garfield abound. Garden Gnomes are also a popular choice. New characters are created regularly.  


Celebrate Chia Pet Day by spending time with your chia pet. There is a lot you can do with your pet. First, name your chia pet, if you haven't already done so. If you live in a warm climate, take it on the deck. The two of you can catch some rays together. Watch a television show together. Take it for a walk. Happily, you won't need a poop bag. Before you go, give it a trim if needed. The only downside to your pet, is you can't teach it new tricks. Finally, if you don't have a chia pet, what are you waiting for?  Order one online today!


Did You Know? Chia seeds are edible. They are very nutritious, high in fiber and gluten free. But, don't eat the chia seeds that come in your chia pet kit! You need them to grow your chia pet. If you want to try the seeds, you can order healthy, organic chia seeds online.


Today's Chuckle: "If there is life on other planets, then the earth is the Universe's insane asylum." - - Voltaire

Origin and History of Chia Pet Day:

This holiday was created in 2021 by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY. It was created to celebrate the Chia Pet, a popular terracotta planter covered with live, growing chia plants. Several dates for this holiday were considered. Matthews said because the majority of chia pets are given as holiday gifts, it is only fitting that the date to celebrate them is at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and right after Thanksgiving.


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