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National Wingman Day

Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always on February 13

Have you ever been a Wingman for a lonely, single buddy as he went out in search of his true love? Many of us have been in this role at some point. It is vey fitting that National Wingman Day exists to give recognition to the that invaluable buddy, as true a friend as there will ever be, who plays a very important and diverse role in helping other guys to find and keep the woman of their dream. This is a day of recognition and thanks. And, it's a day off from regular wingman duties, freeing him to seek love himself.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Wingman as "a male friend who helps, accompanies and supports a man in some activity". This support doesn't have to be for romantic endeavors, but it often is.  A Wingman can provide assistance in any of a number of ways. He is a cheer leader, a coach, a counselor and much more. He is the unsung hero, who helps to navigate the ways of love. The wingman "has your back" and is an advisor on how and what to do or not do in a romantic relationship. Importantly, he is always talking you up when the girls are around, as if you are the most incredible guy on the planet. He's always watching out for your best interest.  

Celebrate this day with you wingman. Take him out for lunch or drinks. If he is single, do a role reversal and be his wingman today.


Did You Know? A wingman can also be a dog. As my son experienced the dating scene, he found that the ladies were attracted to his cute pug dog. He described is his dog as the "greatest wingman ever", as he met many ladies this way.

Note: The term "Wingman" originated in the military. In the air force, a wingman is the pilot in the plane behind you that has you back.

Today's Quote: "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." - -  Alexander Graham Bell

History and Origin of National Wingman Day:

This holiday was created in 2016 by Bruce J. Novotny of Bandon, Or. The date of February 13 was selected to be strategically the day before Valentine's Day. On this day we celebrate all of the Wingmen out there for all the unselfish support they provide.

We found no Presidential Proclamation or Act of Congress making this a true "National" day.

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