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Sandcastle Day

Sandcastle Day 

About Sandcastle Day

Date When Celebrated : This holiday is celebrated on the first Saturday in August

What is it about building a sandcastle that is so enjoyable? Sandcastle Day is a special day for just about everyone. People young and old have been building them for many centuries. It doesn't matter whether you're young or old. And, your skill level is irrelevant, as anyone can build a beautiful and enormous sandcastle. For proof, just watch all the kids on the beach. This August holiday exists to have summer fun as sand, water and sunlight mixes together to create good memories of warm summer days and cool beachside breezes. One might call this a "childhood memory". However, the pleasant memories extend to teens, adults, moms and dads, along with grandparents and aunts and uncles. Certainly, building sandcastles on Sandcastle Day, or any day for that matter, is a priceless memory for everyone involved. 

The world record sandcastle was constructed  on the beach at the seaside town of Blokhus, Denmark. Using over 4860 tons of sand, Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger with the help of 30 other sand sculptors, built a sandcastle measuring 69 ft 5 inches tall. 

Building Sandcastles is an Artful Business

Beachside communities hold Sandcastle building competitions complete with prizes. They are often one of several activities at a beachside festival. These festivals usually includes arts and craft booths, food vendors, along with beachside games and activities. Building sandcastles has evolved into an art form. And, competitions are held all over the world, drawing both unknown and established artists to the beach to create their temporary masterpieces. Nowadays, the sandcastle creations are huge and require a team of artists, along with many tons of sand. The creations can take days to complete.

Sandcastle Trivia:

  • Sand is made of Silica, or Silicon Dioxide. Most of the earth's crust is composed of this compound.
  • Sand is used to make glass, ceramics, concrete, countertops and many other items. 
  • It is used to treat snowy and icy roads.
  • Sandy beaches are a variety of colors, including white, tan, pink, and black.
  • Since 1990 more people have died falling into holes in sand at the beach than by sharks. It's hard to believe. But, it's true.
  • Sand sticks to your skin because it holds onto water. Your skin sweats, creating the moisture sand needs to cling to you.

How to Celebrate Sandcastle Day

There's two places to celebrate this special holiday. You can make sandcastles in the sandbox right in your backyard. However, the amount of sand is limited. So, if you want to really get into the spirit of this special day, pack up a picnic lunch and some ice cold beverages. Then, take the family to a sandy beach for the day. Pick an open space and get to work building the biggest and best sandcastle on the beach.

  If you live in a seaside town, petition your town government to hold a sandcastle building competition on the beach. It's fun for the whole town. The competition will also draw in  people from outside of the area, bringing much needed tourist business to your local economy.

.PS Don't forget the suntan lotion.

Today's Quote: "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." - - Milton Friedman

The History and Origin of Sand Castle Day:

There is much information available about sandcastles and sandcastle building competitions. However, our research did not find the creator, or the origin Sandcastle Day. Based upon what we found out, it is very likely this day originated from one of the many "Sandcastle Day" competitions.

This holiday seems to have originated around 2015 or slightly before. There is not a lot of documentation about this day.

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