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National Garage Sale Day


Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always observed on the second Saturday in August

Today's Theme: "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Is your house and garage cluttered with things you no longer need or will likely never use again? Is it a candidate for the television show "Hoarders"? Are you getting a case of claustrophobia, as you sit in your living room? Could you use a little extra cash? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then it's time to hold a garage sale. You'll be happy to know that today is National Garage Sale Day. To participate in this special day, you can either hold a garage sale or attend a few of them.

Whether you are looking to create a little extra rom in your living room or closet, or you need to create space for your teenager's garage band, a garage sale will help you to meet your goals of having a little breathing room and make a few bucks at the same time.

There are 100,000 - 165,000 garage sales every week! Whether you hold a garage sale, a street sale, a moving sale or estate sale, you are among those who hold 100,000 - 165,000 garage sales every week! Most sales are two to three days. The most popular day is Saturday. Sundays are the least popular, often with disappointing sales.

Did You Know? The root of garage sales comes from "rummages sales" in the 16th century. Ship captains would hold "rummage sales" to get rid of unclaimed freight.


Tips for a Successful Garage Sale:

  • Advertise - People have to know where the sale is, and when it will be held. Advertising is easy on the internet. Make sure to advertise your garage sale on Craigslist, Facebook and social media.

  • Price items correctly - The key is not to overprice your items. You want to get rid of them. If prices are too high, people will walk away without buying.

  • Be willing to negotiate -  Most people who visit your sale, want a "bargain" and will ask if you will take less. Be prepared to negotiate.

  • Have lots of stuff - The more items you have, the more you will sell. And, the more money you will make.

  • Promote a street sale - Tell your neighbors you are having a garage sale, and encourage them to do likewise. If they do, advertising a street of multi-family garage sale will bring more people.

  • Shoppers will arrive before the start time  -  It's best to hold them off until you are ready. Otherwise, you will struggle to complete getting set up.

  • Keep the cash box out of view - Play it safe. Keep some change in your pocket and make change from there. As you sell things, bring some of the cash inside.

  • Only accept cash. - Let me repeat this... only accept cash.

  • Determine what you will do with the leftover items. - People wait for the sale to be over and pick up the free items you set by the road. The last thing you want to do, is put unsold items back in your house or garage.

  • Consider a half price sale on the last day - It's a great way to minimize the number of unsold items after the sale is over. However, if you advertise it in advance, some people will wait and come on the last day. 

  • Celebrate - Use some of the sale money to treat your family to a dinner at your favorite restaurant. Or, use some of the money for a trip or event.

Today's Chuckle: "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." - - Albert Einstein

The History and Origin of National Garage Sale Day:

This holiday was created in 2001 by C. Daniel Rhodes. After attending a number of garage sales over several weeks, Rhodes thought it would be more convenient to have one weekend to hold garage sales. While some might offer several arguments why it would not be ideal to restrict garage sales to one weekend, this holiday came into existence to designate one weekend for garage sales.


We did not find any documentation confirming either of these days to be a true "National" day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.


Definition of "National" Days

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