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Halloween Bats

Halloween flying bats bat

Halloween would not be complete without a few bats fluttering about in the skies, eager to zoom down with radar precision upon unsuspecting victims and suck their blood. If it were not for a bad rap, these furry little creatures might otherwise be as lovable as a kitten…yeah, right.

The real scoop is that these miniature monsters are lurking in the dark, waiting for you to stroll into their radar screen. You see, bats are really vampires who transform readily to human form and back. There is nothing nice about them. There is nothing cute about them, of this you can be sure.

What type of blood do you have?  O, A, B or AB? Positive or Negative? Is it red? Well bats like 'em all, showing no preference.

While people fear bats, they seldom see them. These nocturnal creatures fly by radar and consume insects, including mosquitos. Their homes (yours, perhaps!?) are usually caves, church steeples or other high, dark places.

Did You Know?: Bats always turn left as they exit a cave. I bet you will amaze your friends with this one.

It's a Fact: There really is a Vampire Bat. Vampire Bats require about one tablespoon of blood a day, mostly from dairy cattle and other wild and domestic animals.

To gardeners, bats have real value. Bat guano (or manure) is considered by far the richest and best of manures. So, if you are a gardener, get on over to your nearest cave and get digging!

Halloween bat,  bats and moon  

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