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National Tailgating Day

National Tailgating Day

Date When Celebrated : First Saturday in September

Football is back and the leaves on the trees have begun to turn in splendid beauty. Fall weather has turned cool, crisp, and nothing short of luscious. Are you going to the big game? It's time for a tailgate party. Grab your football, pack up the grill and cooler, and let's all head to the game.


The very first football game was held on November 6, 1969. The term "Tailgate party" had not yet been coined. But, fans arrived early to savor the moment, and to enjoy some food and beverage before the game between Rutgers University and Princeton University. Perhaps they tossed the football around the parking lot, too.


Football fans, you know what to do to celebrate this day. Let the tailgate party begin. Load up the truck, SUV, or you car. Head on out several hours early, to enjoy a meal, a few beers perhaps, and lots of fun in the parking lot, before settling into your seats at the stadium, to watch your favorite team roll over the competition. 


What to Eat and Drink -  Many of us will opt for traditional hamburgers, hot dogs or Italian sausage, with any number of side dishes. Chili is extremely popular, and is made hotter and hotter, as the Fall days cool down. Do not feel limited in your tailgate party menu selection. Some people will set up a table and chairs, to enjoy a steak or even ribs cooked right there in the parking lot. If local laws and stadium rules allow, alcohol may be consumed. Beer is by far the most popular choice.   


Have a Happy National Tailgating Day!

Origin of National Tailgating Day:

Football National Tailgating Day

 National Tailgating Day evolved from college football games, which are traditionally held on Saturdays. Hence, we celebrate this day on an early September Saturday, when it is perfect football weather.

This special event was created by Luke Lorick the President of "Tailgating Challenge" in 2016.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a "National" day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation. As football is a truly American sport and is wildly popular, we sure hope our president or congress formally declares this a national holiday soon.

Definition of "National" Days

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