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World Goth Day

Date When Celebrated: Always on May 22

This is a great day! It's World Goth Day. Perhaps black isn't your color!? Well, you will be happy to know that being "Goth:" isn't just about wearing only black clothing. It's a whole culture.

As it should be, everyone who is into the Goth sub-culture, now has a day to celebrate who they are. Go out and embrace your inner and your outer Goth today.

Today, you should celebrate who you are and your uniqueness. Find a Goth band, and enjoy the music.

It's not just wearing black that makes you Goth. The Goth culture is expressed in fashion, music art, and to some degree, behaviors.

Origin of World Goth Day:

World Goth Day originated in the United Kingdom in 2009. It quickly spread, and is now celebrated in many countries around the world.


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