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World Compliment Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 1

You the reader of this article, are an intelligent person who seeks to broaden your knowledge and appreciates the value of learning and expanding your mind.

How’s that for an honest, positive, and very sincere compliment!? If you reflect on that for a moment, you will realize that actually describes you!

According to Hans Poortvliet of the Netherlands who created this day, World Compliment Day addresses the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. This is a non-commercial day that simply makes people happy and feel good about themselves. Benefits of giving honest and sincere compliments goes to both the giver and receiver of the compliment.  

Participating in this special day is simple and easy. As you meet people today, think about them and who they are.  Give them a compliment that is positive, honest and sincere. Do it with a smile. Then, watch the smile appear on their face. Compliments can be oral or written. They should be given face to face, in person.

The benefits of compliments are many:

  • It simply makes people happy.

  • It increases self-esteem and self-worth

  • Given on the job, it increases productivity.

  • It increases pride.

  • It creates mutual well-being.

  • Compliments given come back in numerous ways.


Your goal for today:  Compliment at least three people. However, we challenge you to do more. You’ll be glad you did!


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Origin of World Compliment Day

This special event was created by Hans Poortvliet of the Netherlands in the early 2000s. Poortvliet is a Recognition Professional. Originally called National Compliment Day, its popularity quickly grew and spread to other countries. Poortvliet soon recognized that this special day should be more global in nature, and retitled this special day “World Compliment Day”. According to Poortvliet, it is now a global initiative to make it “the most positive day in the world.”


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