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Turkey Neck Soup Day

Date When Celebrated : March 30

Today is Turkey Neck Soup Day. We suggest you follow the aroma coming from your kitchen, waddle on in, and pour yourself a bowl of turkey neck soup. You are certain to gobble it up, and even waddle back for more.

While some people are turned off at the thought of eating a turkey neck in any way, shape or form, we encourage you to get over your hesitation. Turkey necks are very flavorful. It makes an excellent soup stock, ready for you to add some of your favorite veggies and spices.

Origin of "Turkey Neck Soup Day":

We have yet to find the author or any concrete information about the origin of this day. It appears to have originated around 2015.

Some sites reference this as a "National" day. We found no Presidential Proclamation or Act of Congress declaring this as a "National" day. With the dysfunctional atmosphere in congress nowadays, we doubt they could come to agreement over anything, including making this undocumented holiday a national day.

See "National Days" definition

Flower of the Day: Yarrow

Recipe of the Day: Turkey Dressing

What happened on this Day? This Day in History

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