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Credit Card Reduction Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 21

Credit card debt can have a crushing and devastating affect on our lives. It keeps us from buying the house of our dreams, or a new car. It restricts our ability to make other purchases. It adds stress to our lives. Credit card debt comes with high interest rates. As credit card balances go up, so do the minimum payments, which can put a real crimp on our limited discretionary spending.

Did you Know? If you only pay the minimum amount due each month, it will seemingly take forever to pay off the balance. That's exactly what credit card companies are hoping you do.

So, increase your personal wealth, and improve your quality of life. Today is the day to begin doing something about reducing your credit card debt. You don't need to pay off the balance today. Rather, today is a great day to begin whittling away at the balance.

Here are some ways to "celebrate" this very special day, so you can eventually liberate yourself from the claws of credit card companies:

  1. First, make an extra payment on your credit card balance.

  2. Implement a plan to pay just a few dollars more each month

  3. Limit new purchase, until your credit card balance is paid in full.

  4. Double down..... Add the money you didn't spend on #3 above to your next credit card payment. You will have a zero balance even sooner!

  5. Reduce the number of credit cards you have.  

  6. Once you have paid off the balance, Pay the full amount due each and every month...no exceptions.  

By participating in this day, you are on your way to financial freedom!

Origin of Credit Card Reduction Day:

Holiday Insights created this day in 2016. We feel that credit card debt takes a tremendous toll on the lives of Americans. It causes so many problems. By freeing ourselves of credit card debt, and extremely high interest rates, we will be able to do so much more, and our lives will be much happier.

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