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"National" Days Definition

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National Onion Day

National Onion Day

Date When Celebrated : Always June 27

Onions, now here is something to cry about.... if you're cutting them fresh, that is!

The National Onion Association (NOA) created National Onion Day to memorialize the creation of their organization on this day in 1913. We think it's great that they did. At the same time, we'd like to propose an expansion of the purpose of this special day, to make it more relevant to everyone.

Let's enjoy this special day, as a day to celebrate growing onions, and of course, eating them!

If you're a gardener, celebrate today by pampering your onion plants. Weed them, apply a dose of fertilizer, and give them a good drink of water. They'll respond to the love you give your plants today, by growing bigger onion bulbs.

All of us can enjoy eating them. There's no shortage of onion recipes. We sure love our onions. We use them to flavor foods, and as a recipe item itself, for example onion soup or onion rings. Eat onions today for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, put some onions in your eggs, or eat an onion bagel. For lunch, use onion bread for your sandwich. Put a big slice of red onion on your burger, or just about any sandwich. For dinner, have a cup of onion soup or a blooming onion. For your main course, select a meat that goes well with sautéed pepper and onions.

Need more ideas, see Onion Recipes.

   Did You Know? Onions are a $6 billion industry.


If you don't get your fill of onions on National Onion Day, you're in luck. National Onion  Ring Day was just a few days ago. 

The Origin of National Onion Day: This is a new holiday, first celebrated on June 27, 2019. Before we began researching this holiday, we couldn't understand why this gardening type of holiday would be celebrated in June. The planting season for onion bulbs and sets is early spring. The harvest time for most areas of the country is in July.

Our research identified the National Onion Association (NOA) as the creator of this new special day. They created it or a very specific reason.... to memorialize NOA's formation on June 27, 1913.   

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a "National" day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Definition of "National" Days

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