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"National" Days Definition

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National Flip Flop Day

Flip Flops

Date When Celebrated : Second Friday in June

Summer is here. It's time to bear our toes to the sun. Ditch those sweaty, hard leather shoes, and even your comfortable sneakers, and slip into your flip flops. Wearing sandals is as much a summer tradition, as baseball, hot dogs, and going to the beach.

Speaking of the beach, where would you be without your flip flips? Leather shoes and sneakers just won't do, when strolling on the beach, ankle deep in the surf. Easy to slip on and off, flip flops protect your feet from the blazing hot sand, as you walk across the beach in search of the perfect sunbathing spot with the gentle breeze.

Flip flops are a form of sandals. Ancient Egyptians wore sandals as far back as 4,000 B.C. So, we've been wearing this comfortable footwear for quite a while. Flip flops are a simple and inexpensive, so much so, that many of us have several pairs.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, the creator of this day, holds a fund raiser on today for Camp Sunshine. Customers who come into their cafe today, receive a free Sunshine Smoothie. Customers are encouraged to donate to Camp Sunshine.

Participating in this special summer holiday is easy. Wear your flip flips! But, don't forget the real reason behind this day, and donate to a Camp Sunshine near you. 

The Origin of National Flip Flop Day:

This special day was originally created in 2007 by Tropical Smoothie Cafe to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. They use it as an annual fund raiser for Camp Sunshine.

There is no presidential proclamation, nor any documentation from the U.S. Congress, to support this as a true U.S. "National" day. The creators make no mention on their website, to any efforts to obtain official "National" status.

Definition of "National" Days


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