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National Chili Day

Date When Celebrated : Always the 4th Thursday of month.


Thereís nothing better to eat on a cold winterís day than a bowl of hot, spicy Chili Con Carne. Itís one of Americaís favorite winter time meals. So, itís only fitting that today is National Chili Day!

Chili was believed to be first created in San Antonio, TX. Contrary to popular belief, chili is not common on menus in Mexico.

There is no shortage of chili recipes. Everyone has thier own personal or family recipe with our very secret ingredients to make it blazingly hot. Itís the chili pepper and other hot peppers that puts the fire in the recipe.

The basic chili recipe, by definition includes tomatoes, beans, chili pepper, meat (usually hamburger), garlic, onions, and cumin. Then, comes a whole bunch of other possibilities, ingredients that personalizes the recipe as our very own. Favorite chili toppings are important, too. They often include: Cheese, crackers, cornbread, sour cream, tortilla chips.

The Chili pepper itself adds both flavor and heat. How much heat, depends upon what hot peppers you add and the amount you use.  Chili peppers can be many colors, progressing from green to yellow, then orange and finally red.

Just for the record: Chili Con Carne is defined as a stew with meat. Meatless recipes, should be called vegetarian chili or simply ďchiliĒ.

Itís easy to celebrate National Chili Day. Eat a bowl of chili. You can make a pot of chili for dinner. Or better still, organize or participate in a Chili Cook-Off.

Ps. Don't forget to have a big "bowl of red" for the Superbowl.

 Origin of National Chili Day

Our research did not uncover who created this day, or when it began.

This is not a true "National" day. Neither the U.S. Congress, nor the President of the United States has proclaimed this to be a National Day.

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