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National Honey Bee Day

honey, bee, day, national, awareness, bees

Date When Celebrated : Third Saturday in August

What's the Buzz?!

Why today is National Honey Bee Day! Let's celebrate and show our appreciation for the hard working Honey Bee, who works so hard to produce the liquid sugary treat, that is loved so much by bees and humans.

Speaking of hard working, did you know that many bees have to travel 55,000 miles to produce just one pound of honey? To get that pound of honey, those bees need to gather nectar from two million flowers. A single bee will gather just a1/2 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. After all of this hard work, honey bees deserve this special day of recognition.

This day was first established in 2009 for beekeepers, as a way to promote honey and to encourage educational programs. But, this is too special a day to limit to the beekeepers. We appreciate hard working honey bees, too. After all, they produce honey that we enjoy, and they are vital to the pollination of a wide array of our fruits and vegetables. Now, that's certainly something to appreciate!

Other Names: This special day is sometimes called "National Honey Bee Awareness Day"

For some sweet, sugary fun, see Honey Bee Trivia

national, honey, bee, awareness, day

Origin of National Honey Bee Day:

National Honey Bee Day was created in 2009. This sweet day was declared by Thomas J. Vilsek, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, on August 11, 2009. It is sponsored by Pennsylvania Agriculture, Inc. It was originally intended for beekeepers, as a day of education and promotion of honey bees and honey. The third Saturday in August was selected, so beekeepers would have a new supply of honey to promote.

This holiday is a true "National" day, as it was declared by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

More Information:

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