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Walk on Your Wild Side Day

Date When Celebrated : Always April 12th

Walk on Your Wild Side Day encourages us to take a chance. Use this day to do something out of the ordinary, unusual or even extraordinary.

To participate in this special day, you don't have to do something dangerous, like hang gliding or parachuting. And, please don't do something dangerous or illegal. Rather, think of something that the normal and usual,  "you" would not do. Then, kick you shoes off and go do it....... just go wild. After you have performed this wild and crazy thing, don't forget that you have Facebook bragging rights. 

There are two things that may have led to the inspiration for this day. In 1956 Nelson Algren published the novel A Walk on the Wild Side. And, Walk on the Wild Side was a song written and sung by Lou Reed in 1972. Or, perhaps they were unrelated, and someone independently decided the world needed a day to cut loose and just go wild.

Origin of "Walk on Your Wild Side Day":

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. It appears to have been celebrated for decades. It is very likely that the novel or the song with an almost identical name inspired the creation of this special day. But, we were unable to find any documentation connecting them to this day. 

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