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This Month in History - June

This Day in History:

1 The term "Don't give up the ship!' is coined by Captain James Lawrence, U.S. Chesapeake. (1813)

1 Snow falls in Buffalo and Rochester, NY, Cleveland, Ohio and other places. (1843)

1 Superman Comic is published (1938)

1 Ed Sullivan's final show. (1971)

2 PT Barnum's circus begins first tour of US (1835)

2 Grover Cleveland is married while in serving as U.S. president.(1886)

2 Congress grants U.S. citizenship to people of American Indian descent.(1924)

3 The Rolling Stones begin their first US tour. (1964)

4 China becomes the first to record a solar eclipse. (780 BC)

4 After winning 122 straight races, hurdler Edwin Moses' winning streak is broken. (1987)

5 Bobby Kennedy is assassinated. (1968)

6 Chrysler Corporation is founded. (1925)

6 The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey. (1933)

7 The United Colonies make sa name change and become The United States. (1775)

8 "The Milton Berle Show" premieres on NBC Tv. (1948)

9 Disney's Donald Duck makes his debut. (1934)

10 Dutch colonists settle on Manhattan Island (1610)

10 Benjamin Franklin flies a kite in a lightening storm and discovers electricity.  (1752)

10 In Argentina, Laslo and Georg Biro file a patent for the ballpoint pen (1943)

11 The movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was released (1982)

12 John Lee Richmond pitches baseball's first "Perfect Game". (1880)

13 Pioneer 10 becomes the first satellite to leave the solar system. (1983)

14  The U. S. Army is formed. (1775)

14 Isaac Fischer Jr. patents sandpaper. (1834)

14 Benjamin Grushkin patents Chlorophyll (1938)

14 Walt Disney's Bambi is released (1942)

15 George Washington is appointed the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army(1775)

16 The premiere of Ghostbusters II (1989)

17 The Statute of Liberty arrive in New York City. (1885)

17 King John signs the Magna Carta. (1215)

18 The first American fly-casting tournament was held in Utica, NY. (1861)

18 Women's rights advocate Susan B. Anthony is arrested for voting in Rochester, N.Y. (1873)

18 Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space. (1983)

19 After a 83 day filibuster, the Civil Rights act of 1964 is approved. (1964)

20  The first rocket plane to use liquid propellants is tested (1939)

20 Muhammad Ali is convicted refusing induction into armed services. (1967)

21 Cyrus McCormick patents the reaping machine. (1834)

22  Doughnuts are created. (1847)

23 US Secret Service is created. (1860)

24 Henry VII is crowned the King of England. (1509)

25 Lt Colonel George Custer and the 7th Cavalry are wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at the Battle of Little Big Horn. (1876) 

26 The Saint Lawrence Seaway is opened. (1959)

27 The song "Happy Birthday to You" was first sung. (1859) Also, see Famous Birthdays

27 The Federal Savings and Loan Association is created. (1934)

28 Treaty of Versailles is signed, ending WW I (1919)

29 Shakespeare' Globe Theater burns down. (1613)

30 French acrobat Blondin crosses over the Niagara Falls on a tightrope. (1859)

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