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Halloween Vampires

Where is Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her?

By definition, a vampire is a person who will get "up close and personal", then, bites into your neck and sucks your blood. They are not particular about blood type, any type will do. A Vampire readily transforms from a vampire bat to human form. In human form, he is usually attractive with a strong, persuasive, even seductive personality. While most vampires are male, female vampires do exist.

You definitely do not want to know him/her. But, he really wants to know you!!! Once a person has become a victim to a vampire's fatal bite, they too, return to life as a vampire.

Spotting a vampire is easy. All you need is a mirror. Vampires do not have a reflection, so they are invisible in a mirror. Getting the vampire in front of a mirror however, is no easy task. They do not go willingly.

Did you Know? Vampires have "Eisoptrophobia" the fear of mirrors, or seeing oneself in a mirror.

The best known vampire is Count Dracula! About Count Dracula

The best known vampire slayer is Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Thought for the day!: If vampires cannot be seen in a mirror, why is Count Dracula's hair so neatly combed?

There are three ways to kill a vampire:
  • Shoot a silver bullet through their heart.
  • Drive a stake into their heart, while they are sleeping in their coffin. Sure, you can drive the stake while he is awake . . . if you can catch him, and hold him down.
  • Trap them in the sunlight or bright lights.

How do you avoid Vampires?

There are a few known defenses against vampires. They include:

  • Garlic - This is the most common vampire repellent. Typically, worn around the neck, in cloves, on a necklace. You can also rub garlic on your neck. A vampire will not go near a neck with garlic on or around it.
  • Cross - If you touch a cross to a vampire, it will burn him. It must be a bonafide cross. If you are caught in a situation, a makeshift cross will not work. Carry a real bonafide, blessed cross with you at all times.
  • Rosary - A rosary works just like a cross to keep vampires away. Use the cross on the rosary to repel him/her and hold it in front of you, to clear a path to safety.
  • Daylight and any bright lights - A vampire only operates by night. He sleeps in his coffin with the lid closed tight during the day.

Did you Know? Alliumphobia is the fear of Garlic. More on Garlic

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